The re-regulation of an industry for the benefit of producers as opposed to consumers.


We must constantly assuage the feelings of the bond market

While a lot of talk has been going on about inflation, where there is no inflation to be seen, and the reason that we worry about inflation is because of the bond markets, why is it that we are not hearing more about the debt ceiling date and the possibility of the United States Defaulting. Its as if the bullshit just gets painted on without any consideration of constancy.

Of course we can trust the banks

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Sectional Politics

For a while it was a truism in Democratic politics that it was necessary to nominate a southerner for president in order to get some white southern votes and therefore the white house. Now that the south has become even more polarized politically with southern whites voting overwhelmingly Republican and southern minorities, primarily african americans, voting overwhelmingly Democratic and with the presidency of Barack Obama a northerner who relied heavily on minority voting to win the presidency, it does not seem that Democrats need the deep south.

The question is though, is it now necessary for the republicans to nominate someone outside of the south in order to get non southern votes?