Odd Thought About Red Dawn

I've never seen Red Dawn. But I have seen enough references to get a basic understanding of the plot and a sudden thought has occurred to me. If there were some type of invasion from some outside source, the first thing I imagine that conservatives in their current mood would do is to find the nearest liberal and shoot them. Of course not all liberals are unarmed but still.

I can imagine a seen in the woods of a couple of partisans in the woods after the tanks have rolled through burning the town. They're the couple that prudently fled rather than fight the onslaught that killed everyone else. I can see them around the camp fire.

Partisan 1: This wouldn't have happened if the gays didn't do their thing.

Partisan 2: I'm not sure that has a hell of a lot to do with out situation.

Partisan 1: Your one of those commie Obama supporters.

Partisan 2: Yeah I supported him, he disappointed me right and left but hell I generally hope the president does what right.

Partisan 1: That's it. (Pulls gun from holster and shoots Partisan 2)

Obviously this is bad writing and pretty piss poor dialogue. But the general Idea won't leave my mind.

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