A intellectual problem I've been having recently

It used to be intuitive to me that there was a difference between state government control, federal government control and the private market. But that intuitive difference is having trouble when I think about it too much. For example, in South Carolina we do not have enough interests to really fight against full on regulatory capture. So in certain cases the government sets the rules to help the current economic winners in bills which the current economic winners' lobbyists probably wrote. So functionally, what is the difference.

Another conundrum. I have to eat. I have to eat food. There is probably some level of food buying that at a minimum I have to do in order to survive. How is that fundamentally different from a tax? I have to pay taxes because the penalties are worse than paying them, and as with eating. . .

Isn't this the case with a number of economic goods. Electricity for example. Theoretically I could go without and live in the woods in a tent, though how I'd pay the property taxes and keep my marriage going I don't know, but really there isn't a choice between paying and not paying for electricity. I get the power from a local monopoly. Why is that not a tax?

And so on to health care, which would be a tax if I could figure out how in my budget there was money for it.

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