Does anyone care about the bailouts

Poll have always been weird for me because they exist as a kind of pseudo information. People love to say that the American People care about the environment because polls show that most people will say that the environment is one of their big issues. But have you ever seen an exit poll where the environment was the big issue in how people voted. Does the more environmental candidate do better at the polls as a matter of course?

Why have republican made a fetish out rhetorical denunciations of Abortion and describe the dirty whores who kill the poor, desperate children. Because in a national election a good percentage people will vote on that issue over every other issue. I have a friend who may be more liberal than me but will tend to vote for republicans because they are as she says it "pro life".

Now the only reason that that is a tenable position is because a large percentage of people who are pro-choice are either only going to vote for democrats or won't vote on the issue because they don't think that their access to abortion will be compromised.

So when you see this poll

and then you see this one.

It makes you think that the denunciations of AIG may not be that important politically.

Of course its also true that no one thinks that repubs will handle it any better.

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