That last post sucked

And it did.

The main point is that possible options for power are constrained by the particular structure of power that exists. In an autocracy that path to power is total agreement in public with the autocrat. In an Oligarchy the path to power is to agree with the objectives of the oligarchs. In a system that constrains power to two groups the path to power is to align yourself and your views with one of those two parties.

Our system constrains us to two parties because of how we elect people. First of all we elect individuals rather than representatives of a party. Though of course we also do that. The old joke about yellow dog democrats is a testament to the power of voting for party rather than individual, but as William Jefferson found sometimes it is not enough to just be part of the right party.

The other reason that we are constrained to two parties is that we have a plurality voting system. That is probably the worst form of voting if you want to accurately reflect majoritarian (this word is misspelled) interest.

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