Corridor of Shame

Obama's been pretty good at the whole political theater game. See Ty'Sheoma Bethea, from Dillon, SC. Young girl writes well written letter with good rhetoric for Obama to help fix the dilapidated, run down, schools that she and many students in rural South Carolina attend. This shouldn't be something new in the news since it was mentioned at least thirty to forty times during the Democratic Primary in South Carolina. But, well, we can't expect the world to really pay attention to the situation of the poor in South Carolina. Rural people are all dumb crackers who vote republican, especially in the south, except when their not.

In 24 hour news though, it seems that the right has turned into a ADD afflicted 12 year old. There exists a young girl who is being used as a political prop, destroy her. She's black no one will see her as sympathetic. Yeah, write the article. Let's see, HA HA, she thinks Obama is Santa Clause.

But if your going to write an article about how she really didn't need to ask for money because the people of Dillon, simultaneously don't care about the schools, because they didn't pass a bond resolution in 1974, but have actually fixed the problem because they passed a bond resolution in 2007 don't ignore the fact that they haven't gotten any of the money. I know that would destroy the entire thesis of your article but that's what facts do.

The entire article rests on the premise that people don't care about facts, which may actually be the normal reader of the Washington Times. But if anyone where to actually look at the facts, if anyone did a casual google search on the issue and found this;

then it might begin to make sense that a child took the time to ask the president for help, because its not like anyone else has been able to.

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