When Mormons Attack

Why is it that no religion can send to my door someone who knows the finer points of the religion. If I've already told you that I'm agnostic, please don't use personal statement to convince me. If I ask about exactly how the relationship of the father and son is, don't tell me that because the father is the father and the son is the son then the son is god. That doesn't say anything other than that familial relationships create kinship. If I ask how, if Joseph Smith was a prophet, how he says something completely new about metaphysics that no other admitted prophet has said and ask why that is don't give me non answers.

I didn't bring up polygamy because I knew they had a pat answer for that because that would be something they are expecting. And please, the fruit, i.e. the religion I believe in is good, therefore Joseph Smith was good is a meaningless answer.

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