Michael Phelps and Pot

Leon Lott, the Richland County SC Sheriff, has come out saying that the police are investigating if any charges should be filed against Phelps due to the recent pictures of him face down on a bright red bong. Now I'm sure that Lott is doing this because it gets his name in the papers for a couple of days and then this will die a quiet death. I can't see the prosecutor's office going along with this unless the entire reason that they are investigating is because the solicitor has asked them to.

And all over the airwaves I heard people decrying Phelps and his effect on the children. Apparently, if you take a lot of money from advertisers then you are automatically a role model for children. I don't know if this is in the contract that you sign but its at least implied, somewhere by someone. But didn't we get passed this sometime ten years ago that the guy who's face is selling you sneakers might not be the best human being in the world. Kids don't buy Air Jordans because they want to be as consistent in their marriage as Jordan was but because the ad said they might be able to play basketball like him. The selling point for anything Michael Phelps sells is that he's a freakish human being in the water. At no point does anyone who see's him hawking a product think well if I smoke pott then I'll be a good swimmer. There is no causation and even kids as young as five get that.

Basically I'm saying who cares. He smoked a bong. That's all that will be provable in court. There's no evidence of what was in the bong. And who cares anyway. He smoked pot. Lots of people have smoked pot. None of them then ran over a girl on a tricycle. God this is dumb.

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